Please click on the five links below, in the sequence shown, to get started in CSC-200! Then start reading the workbook you download at link 2, and use your browser's "back" arrow to return to the course main menu.

1. To access the course syllabus, click here

2. Download the course workbook, it's free, and it's the only book you'll need for this course!

Note: if you are not able to download the full workbook (it's 53 Mb. in size, large for some systems!) try downloading just the first chapter (19 Mb.) by clicking here.

3. Download a sample grade/feedback listing, which you can use as an assignment checklist (this can help you     form a schedule by which you will submit the assignments for the class--you set this schedule yourself following    the guidelines on the confirmation form (see item 4 below)

4. Download the Confirmation of Participation form, complete it using your own word processor, and send it to the dedicated course e-mail address, which is

5. Click here to access the online learning exercise web site to create a free account for yourself on the online exercise system, as described on workbook page 33  IMPORTANT: You will need to use the "key" for the online exercise system, which is     springfun         

Welcome to class!