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The work of this unit takes the place of a final exam. Here you will use an interactive web site to respond to several simple questions in a Myers-Briggs survey designed to explore your personality, likes, dislikes, and personal preferences concerning many of the circumstances and actions common to the world of work. You'll then take a number of steps to:

  1. Assess the extent to which you agree or disagree with the career field suggestions that the Myers-Briggs survey provides to you.
  2. Consider the types of careers that you have already thought about or are suggested by the survey.
  3. Decide which of several possible career fields associated with your strengths, likes, and dislikes you are most likely to pursue based on your interests.
  4. Identify several types of on-the-job responsibilities and actions a person working in your chosen career field must assume and perform.
  5. Identify how modern information technology has affected and is likely to affect work in your chosen career field, and the IT skills a person working in that career field will have to possess to be a productive professional.
  6. Inventory your present level of competency with the IT skills that will be needed to perform well in your chosen career field and develop a plan for how you will acquire any of those skills that you currently do not adequately possess.
  7. Read the brief articles provided presenting predictions of how technology in general may change the world and human life in the next two decades, and discuss your own opinion of how accurate or unlikely those predictions are.
  8. Write a short imaginative essay of 250 words describing what a typical day in your life may look like and consist of in the year AD 2035.
All of the actions and responses listed above are orchestrated by an instructional checklist form that you download from the hyperlink provided below. This reflective work is intended to take about 2.5 hours, roughly the same amount of time you would expect to spend in a final exam.

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The underlined page number below is an active hyperlink that provides access to a list of links to web resources for your reflective work. It is required that you follow each link in the list you'll access here.. 

         Reflective work: Video, survey site link, form download, and links to three futuristic articles  

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