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The goals of this unit are simple: to apply the knowledge and skills you have learned in Units 1, 2, and 3 to accomplish some tasks that can serve you well in your academic work, in securing a career position, and in moving ahead with the technological aspects of your career! You are assigned only project work in this unit, no exercises and no written homework. The projects are designed to draw on what you have learned about modern computer applications to accomplish these things:

  1. Introduce you to the way that the internet and world wide web work, both as an electronic communications system and in terms of how web pages are constructed, conveyed, and "rendered" on computer screens.
  2. Provide familiarity with the content of and means to construct a professional web portfolio, now commonly expected of college graduates as a means of making themselves and their knowledge and skills accessible to potential employers
  3. Give you practice in creating training materials using a computer, so that you are prepared to step into a workforce that increasingly depends on employee knowledge and skills being acquired and knowledge shared using multimedia methods such as videos created by its workforce itself. 
  4. Expose you to a mechanism that makes it possible to assemble and distribute information for training, sales, and documentation directly from existing sources, replacing time-consuming processes formerly used to create these documents with modern desktop software.
Background information and tutorials are provided for each of these capstone projects in written form in Contemporary Computing, 2nd edition and in videos and other web resources accessed via the page number hyperlinks below.

ornament  Required projects in Contemporary Computing, 4th edition
Learn about each topic by reading the page in the workbook. Each underlined page number below is an active hyperlink to a video mini-lecture or other web learning resource; each hyperlink leads to required viewing.
  1. Capstone 1: Internet basics and building a menu-based web site  140, 142  --  Get help document!
  2. Capstone 2: Creating your web portfolio  145
  3. Capstone 3: Creating video training  146, 147, 148
  4. Capstone 4: Merge .pdf's to create  a workbook  150
Mac users: The information on text editing on the last workbook page can help you!  164

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